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Pavement Specials

Excerpt from article written by

Alan Perrins

CEO Cape of Good Hope SPCA

The acquisition of a pet should never be governed exclusively by one’s emotions but rather by informed decision and carefully considered choice. 

Impulse decisions rarely work when it comes to deciding whether or not to acquire an animal and can be the starting point of a cycle of cruelty and abuse for a future unwanted kitten or puppy as the novelty usually does not take long to wear off and the costs of proper care become too apparent very quickly.

Animals are for life and should never be given as surprise presents. 

We admit so many unwanted animals on a daily basis and many of these have side- of-the- road origins – making them true pavement specials.

Sadly many of them are from compromised adult parentage that may best be crudely described as puppy machines and many of them are taken away from their mothers at far too young an age leaving them vulnerable to all sorts of illness and disease. 

Hardly any of them are vaccinated leaving them as carriers or sufferers of any number of potentially fatal, highly contagious diseases like Parvo Virus or Canine Cerebral Distemper (CD). 

No matter how guilty these road side sellers make you feel (and their crude marketing tactics work) or how “sorry” you feel for the kitten or puppy please do not support this evil trade as you are then contributing to the problem as your act of kindness will quickly be converted into an act of cruelty as you would have incentivized these callous vendors to continue backyard breeding.   Instead, call your local SPCA or law enforcement officials who will respond as it is an offence to sell cats and dogs on the side of the road. 

Very often these animals are left exposed to the elements without access to food, water or shelter and suffer terribly as a consequence making it imperative for the SPCA to respond as quickly as possible as very often the vendor has a ready supply stuffed into unventilated cardboard boxes or black bin bags hidden from sight ready to sell to the next unsuspecting animal lover.   

Our job is not to deny anyone an opportunity to earn an honest living or to prevent them from acquiring a pet.  In this case it’s to put an end to an evil trade and in the process prevent cruelty to animals.

You are never going to get a bargain from these vendors.  What you are likely to get is a broken-heart and a diminished bank balance.

You would be so much better off adopting a pet from the SPCA.  All animals are sterilized, vaccinated and de-wormed prior to going home and for a few hundred rand you most certainly will be getting a great deal and can rest assured that your act of kindness will be appreciated by the animal that you have rescued and given a 2nd chance.

Join the growing list of local and even international celebrities that have chosen to adopt a pet from their local animal shelter and know that it’s cool to adopt a shelter animal.


Most of all, you will be spoilt for choice!