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Animal adoptions are subject to an approved pre-home/ property inspection by the inspector in your area - We retain the right to turn down an application, should it not comply with our requirements.


Adoption fees include:

  • The first vaccinations 

  • De-worming 

  • Compulsory sterilisation  

  • Feline Aids and Leukaemia tests for cats.

  • All our adoptees go home with an Identipet microchip.

  • Feline Aids test for cats


The animal is now yours and you will be responsible for any follow up booster vaccinations due thereafter. These will be done at your own expense at your own veterinarian. It is a good idea to build a relationship with your vet, who will guide you on the best way to care for your new pet as well as future vaccinations required.

It is a privilege and not a right to own an animal - Your new pet will be your responsibility to care for, for the rest of it's life, which could be 10 - 15 years or more. 

  • Have you really thought it through? 

  • Are you sure that you want the animal? 

  • Do you have the time to spend with it - socialising and playing with it? 

  • Can you pay for any vet treatment that it requires, if it is sick or injured? 

  • Is your property secured so that it can't roam in the street and cause a nuisance to man or beast?

It will change your life. You will have responsibility and commitment. You'll also get a friend and a companion. You'll take more walks (and probably less bed space) if you adopt a dog. You'll wake up with feet on your face if you adopt a cat. You'll learn to think like your animal, too. 

It will change the animal's life. Life in a cage isn't much fun (that's why we have jails). Animals enjoy having space to roam and play. They also crave love. Despite shelters' best efforts, they simply don't have the staff to provide all of the love, nor the space for them to enjoy. 




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