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Tannie Evita lets her heart decide for her head

Pieter-Dirk Uys aka Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout is a staunch supporter of the SPCA all her animals are adopted or rescued.


From Tannie Evita:

"I have always loved kittens. Like with small children and a young democracy, you forgive them anything. And when I visited the SPCA up the road from the Perron and saw four kitty-mamas each with their little brood, my heart just decided for my head. So I have adopted two sweet little dingetjies properly, and not like so many of my friends do, buying kittens from children at the robots. Those little cats are usually too small to be taken from their mothers or ill. I admit, I would rather buy them and take them to the SPCA to be checked and adopted. But I'm happy now to have my two healthy and happy additions, now called Betty and Ford, because I always tell all my animals: 'Behave, be good, don't overeat – or else we send you to the Betty Ford Clinic.' That's the SPCA on the hill!"


Dear Tannie Evita,


If you ever see children selling puppies or kittens along the side of the road please let the SPCA know immediately where they are so that we can explain to them that it is the wrong thing to do. We don't want them to become young entrepreneurs in this area and make money doing so.


Kind regards,


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